This is a book that is not a book.
It is just an object trying to escape a world full of objects,
maybe becoming alive in a world full of life.
It is a learning book. 
Not an educational one,
not for you to learn anything from it,
but to learn itself.
Nobody knows why it wants to learn, 
but why should we? 
It didn’t ask us to be published either.
We put my name on it and you can squeeze it,
not functional at all.
Actually it wanted to be a website,
it didn’t succeed

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This project is a collaboration with Willem de Kooning Academy’s Hybrid Publishing and part of the HP Research Award series.

The HP Research Awards series showcases the work of recipients of the Willem de Kooning Research Award. Established by the Willem de Kooning Foundation, the awards are granted to outstanding graduation projects that provide new insights to broader audiences through their research.  
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author: Merle Flügge
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illustrations: Merle Flügge
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