Following their fascination for animism and subjectivity, Supertoys Supertoys explores the concepts of metamorphosis and object-hybrids, digitally and physically: the idea of a transformation from one object to another is a theme central in their designs.

The freedom of the digital space is crucial for their design process, the vast digital cosmos where everything is possible. Crossing the boundaries between the digital and physical world and between art and design back and forth is where they feel an immense creative force. Their true motivation is to find ways to express the objects’ own existence, digitally and physically, designing objects for what they are and not what they are for.

SuSu objects are available as collectible physical pieces in limited edition and as limited edition digital NFTs in combination with a 3D-printable model on Foundation.

Supertoys Supertoys is a Dutch-German design duo formed by Merle Flügge and Job Mouwen, based in Rotterdam (NL).