Client: Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam 

The Digital Nomad Collection


Instagram images depicting macbooks, sunsets and turquoise water as far as the eye can see. The digital nomad sends a clear message of how to pursue personal happiness. Co-working spaces, wifi cafés and Airbnb are taking over conventional office spaces by large numbers. Looking a little bit closer though, it is quickly revealed that this new lifestyle has its own particular drawbacks.

The Digital Nomad Collection is attempting to reveal exactly these drawbacks. Especially concerned with the emotional obstacles of this lifestyle, the collection aims to foster a dialogue combining critical design with a hint of humor.

Taking elements of the archetypal office furniture – a desk, a chair, a paper bin, a clock and a cabinet – and connecting them with the emotional obstacles of the digital nomad, results in a small, thought provoking collection of fictional furniture.

The Private Desk
A desk that can open itself up organically and shields the user from the immediate surroundings providing privacy.
Tabletop: 3 cm
Length: 130 cm
Width: 80 cm
Adjustable Height: 65-85 cm
Tabletop interior: velvet fabric, ruby red

The Lost Signal Cabinet

Having a good WiFi signal is crucial to the working routine of the digital nomad. With The Lost Signal Cabinet the otherwise redundant office cabinet gets a second life assisting the user to find a better wifi signal in case of bad reception.
Length: 70 cm
Depth: 33.5 cm
Height: 100 cm / Unfolded Height: 166cm

The Punch Clock Relic
Having the nicest locations in the background can make it very challenging to have a steady work-flow. The Punch Clock Relic reveals that, although the independent digital nomads don’t necessarily need a time measuring device, still time is pushing in their backs.
Width: 25 cm
Depth: 9 cm
Height: 33 cm

The Celebration Bin
A bin that shows the ambiguous moment of celebrating a happy moment by yourself.
Width: 30 cm
Depth: 38 cm
Height: 40 cm
Inside surfaces with sound insulation foam

The Tired Chair
A chair that responds to the ‘tyranny of being your own worst boss’. It protects the user from over-working by simply getting tired itself at a certain point, making it impossible to sit on it any longer.
Height-adjustable chair with armrests
Length: 55 cm
Width: 52 cm
Height: 104-112 cm
Seating height: 41-53 cm

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