Salone del Mobile Milano 2016 - published in FRAME Magazine #111

Twofold - The Last Trace of Inhabitation

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The intimacy of the domestic interior lies in its traces of inhabitation. In a speculative future interior with black mirrored, interactive surfaces the blanket might be the last tangible, intimate surface that will capture physical traces. But what if these traces are also lost?
This proposal explores the condition of a blanket between the material and immaterial, the tangible and intangible. Two blankets – one virtual, the other one physical – are entangled in a duel exchanging their properties, while both lose their ability to show traces of inhabitation.

The virtual blanket simulates the properties of a physical blanket being sensual and intimate, however completely intangible. It evokes a tactile curiosity, but remains an ethereal image hovering above the physical blanket via augmented reality, adding a surreal layer to the existing environment.
The physical blanket is a materialized representation of a digital blanket. Its surface is tangible, but lost any haptic quality. Its deceptively printed surface appears three-dimensional from a distance, yet if viewed up close unfolds as a two-dimensional pixelated still.

The duality between the two blankets hints at a future in which domestic interiors become increasingly hybrid between real and virtual. The only traces interactive surfaces register are the ones of the very moment, the now, leaving only digital traces. In the attempt to design interactive interiors the surface as a channel to show physical traces of inhabitation, providing intimacy in the domestic space, might be forgotten.

The project was shown at Salone del Mobile Milano 2016 and published in FRAME Magazine #111.

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