We Are Stardust
The Challenge by FRAME Magazine: design to de-stress

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We live in a world which seems to be overrun by stress. Our daily life patterns are packed to the point where we feel overwhelmed. Obviously, the cure to this stress is to change our hectic lifestyles, but equally important is to change our view on life itself. We are too much focussed on our immediate surroundings, work, social life, problems, stress.

Our question for this challenge was: what would happen if we zoom out? Literally.

For the challenge “design to de-stress” we thought of the concept of “the overview effect”, the awe effect astronauts get when they look back on earth from outer space. Our fragile earth floating in infinity. This effect changes their entire view on life.

We Are Stardust is a highly comfortable one person telescope. It is made of a shiny outside steel shell with a soft soundproof womb-like interior. It allows us to retreat in a bubble, not looking back on earth but looking out into the universe. We Are Stardust is designed to experience awe. It allows us to gaze at the stars creating a feeling of being immersed in the endless beauty of space. The aesthetic impact of watching the scenery of our immensely colourful and spectacular galaxy makes us feeling part of it. This feeling of being part of a whole sparks a cognitive shift, a new kind of self-awareness, leaving us with a comforting, humbling, de-stressing experience.

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