Design District Award for “Best Stand 2018” for Abet Laminati @Van Nelle Factory Rotterdam

When Furniture Meets for ABET LAMINATI

photographer: Sander van Wettum

photographer: Sander van Wettum

‘When Furniture Meets’ for Abet Laminati

We live in a world where our furniture and other objects in our daily lives seem increasingly alive. A world of Internet of Things, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Together with Abet Laminati we’re looking to a hopeful future, where we will redefine the relationship between ourselves and the objects surrounding us.

The installation is a materialized cyberspace translated into Abet Laminati’s HPL in contrast with colourful animistic furniture moving on intelligent robot platforms.

Commissioned by ABET LAMINATI for Design District 2018 @Rotterdam Van Nelle Factory. 

This installation won the Design District Award for “Best Stand 2018”. 

photographer: Sander van Wettum

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