Hi, we are Merle Flügge and Job Mouwen. We founded SupertoysSupertoys in 2018 to make objects, furniture and spaces alive making the world a happier and more joyous place.
With each of our projects we aim to evoke an emotional and intimate vibration between objects, spaces and people (we believe that everything is energy and vibration …so did Einstein :P

Colourful and playful shapes are the central element in our work and we are extremely motivated by the idea that design and technology can make objects alive …in a way we are modern animists.

Our interest in sci-fi brought us in contact with various professionals and clients in the field of robotics, AI and IoT (artificial intelligence smart home stuff ;)

Merle graduated cum laude from the Piet Zwart Institute, Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design in 2017 in Rotterdam. For her graduation project she received the prestigious Willem de Kooning Research Award and MIARD Alumni Research Award (Piet Zwart Institute).
Job is a practising architect and design lecturer. He worked for UNStudio as senior architect before starting his own practice.


︎ info[at]supertoyssupertoys.com
Merle +31 616253990
︎ Job +31 629580020


  • Winner Design District Award “Best Stand 2018” for Abet Laminati @Design District 2018 (www.designdistrict.nl)

  • Winner Willem de Kooning Research Award 2017  (master category)

  • Winner Hybrid Publishing Research Award 2017 (master category)

  • Winner MIARD Alumni Research Award 2017 (Piet Zwart Institute)

  • Recipient Grada Van Beek-Donner scholarship 2016-17


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