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“Today, it seems interesting to me to go back to what I would call an animist conception of subjectivity, if need be through neurotic phenomena, religious rituals, or aesthetic phenomena. How does subjectivity locate on the side of the subject and on the side of the object? How can it simultaneously singularize an individual, a group of individuals, and also be assembled to space, architecture and all other cosmic assemblages?”

— Félix Guattari

Creature Comfort Armchair - prototype
136x88x72 cm
seat: wood, piano lacquer finish
52 legs: wood, white satin finish
backrest: foam, fabric by Kvadrat
photography: Pim Top

Creature Comfort Armchair plays with the idea of (dis)comfort and friendliness. We imagined that this armchair never really grew up. It kept its juvenile, child-like features while being a fully grown adult creature. The result is an armchair with a hard wooden lacquered and highly polished seat with a soft round arm and backrest. Due to its soft colors and hard versus soft materials, the armchair radiates friendliness while negotiating between comfort and discomfort.

Cosmic Flower Table 
40x40x40 cm, 24 legs
epoxy resin
light cantaloupe
slightly transclucent
photography: Pim Top

What if a table wants to be a flower? A simple but strange question which enabled us to find the imperceptible qualities of material, form and shape. Finding aesthetic phenomena in all their sensibilities, giving us an entire new mode to view the world, a more animist view on the world.

Cosmic Flower Table is made of hand cast resin in a soft light cantaloupe color,  slightly translucent, giving the object a magical ethereal appearance.

No Thing Lamp Table
body: wood, high gloss finish, light caramel
21 legs: wood, satin finish, white
light: hand blown glass, LED
photography: Pim Top

No Thing Lamp Table  blurs the border between object as tool and object as artefact and is a hybrid between a floor lamp and a side table. Using playful proportions No Thing Lamp Table looks like it can walk away whenever it feels like it.

wooden subconstruction, foam,
fabric by Kvadrat 
photography: Pim Top

Blue POUF with round soft shapes.
The specific assemblage of shapes and forms creates a strange sense of familiarity. While sitting on POUF you are wandering away in childhood memories...

Any Thing Table
40x40x35 cm, 9 legs
wood, satin finish
soft yellow
photography: Pim Top

A side table with three pyramid volumes, enabling the user to explore the fine line where the most concrete and the most abstract come together, where there is no distinction between content and expression.

Cosmic Flower Table
40x40x40 cm, 24 legs
 epoxy resin
light mint green
photography: Pim Top

Creature Comfort Armchair - prototype

here shown at Dutch Design Week 2019,
ELLE Decoration Fluid Forces
photo via  ELLE Decoration
Monique van der Reijden 

Supertoys Supertoys consider themselves modern animists and see all things, objects, animals, people, planets as connected to one large network, where there is nothing that is necessarily more important or less important than anything else, where objects have a spirit of their own and where things enfold into themselves.

Supertoys Supertoys sees animism as a way to break our ongoing entanglement of being human through things through being human among things. If we consider ourselves ‘humans among things’ objects can more easily be designed for what they are and not what they are for.

In their debut collection the NL-based design duo blurs the border between object as tool and object as artefact. It is in this blurred and eroded state where the most concrete and the most abstract come together, where there is no distinction between content and expression, that the real world exists...

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Merle (1988, DE) graduated cum laude from the Piet Zwart Institute, Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design in 2017 in Rotterdam. For her graduation project she received the prestigious Willem de Kooning Research Award and MIARD Alumni Research Award.

Job (1974, NL) is a practising architect and design lecturer. He worked for UNStudio as senior architect before starting his own practice.

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