Supertoys Supertoys is a Dutch-German art duo based in Rotterdam, creating limited edition art furniture, collectible objects and (light) sculptures across different scales. The duo is known for their whimsical, playful and joyful objects, cleverly employing a variety of digital design- and fabrication methods. Supertoys Supertoys take on a speculative approach infused with child-like imagination and daydreaming resulting in otherworldly, yet strangely familiar objects in a style they like to call ‘Radical Cuteness’.

The art duo coined ‘Radical Cuteness’ as a concept which employs playful aesthetics and hybrid, ambiguous forms to subvert traditional design and art norms. Radical Cuteness is about objects diffusing imagination into everyday life and evoking childlike daydreaming with a hint of melancholy and nostalgia. This approach can be seen as a response to the harsh realities of the world, offering a sense of playfulness and hopefully allowing people to create their own world, embracing aspects beyond their current reality. Additionally, the use of cute and playful designs and art can bring people back to their childhood memories, evoking a sense of nostalgia and joy that taps into our shared experiences and helps bridging cultural differences, bringing people closer together.

‘Radical Cuteness’ is born out of a broader tradition of subversive and playful design, and is rooted in Murakami's Superflat art movement and the Italian Radical Design movement of the 1960s. By using childhood memories and nostalgia, Supertoys Supertoys create work that resonates with viewers on a deeper level. The art duo also applies this approach to everyday objects, making them accessible to everyone.

Supertoys Supertoys strive to bring joy, wonder, and connection into everyday life, (re-)introducing animist qualities and challenging preconceptions about the world and all things around us.

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