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Angel Flower Light - floor light sculpture

Here, on this planet, in a multi-solar system at the exact opposite of our milky-way, Flower Lights are looking at a tiny pink star, the smallest of three. Flower Lights remind him of earth. Of sunflowers. As a young boy, living on his grandpa’s farm in the mid-west, David was already amazed by the romance between these golden flowers and the sun. On earth these sunflowers follow the only star in the sky. Here Flower Lights follow their little pink sun. Playing, walking and looking up from time to time during the day, absorbing her warm pink rays. Trying to catch one final glance due west when the sky turns into deep pink hues. And at night, the Flower Lights sit together until dawn, facing east in joyful anticipation as their little sun rises…

edition: 33 + 3AP
year: 2023
dimensions: w 47cm x d 52cm x h 76cm
weight: ca. 16kg
material: sand (printed), coating (matte), dimmable LED light 

color: sandy beige

each piece is numbered 
certificate of authenticity (signed & numbered)
shipped in wooden art crate

lead time ca. 8-10 weeks
worldwide shipping

€6.600,- (incl. 21% VAT, excl. shipping)

for inquiries ︎ write us ︎

this light sculpture is currently available as wired for usage within EU countries only (230V) in accordance with European regulations

this light sculpture is NOT a toy but a collector’s item for adults, only for use from 15 years of age or older

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