photography by Studio Pim Top

Cosmic Flower Table - resin soapy light pink

“So it’s all just about beauty now?” Sam thought. “When you think about it: flowers are more intelligent than dolphins and dolphins are far more intelligent than humans, and they’re just really beautiful. So that's why this table wants to be a flower.” At that moment Sam realised that in nature everything is connected, everything is interwoven, everything changes with everything, everything merges from one form into another...

edition: 9 + 3 AP + prototype
year: 2019
dimensions: w  40 x d 40 x h 42cm; 24 legs
material: resin, light pink (soapy appearance), slightly translucent
color: soapy light pink 
made in The Netherlands

signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
custom wooden art crate

price & lead time on request

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