photography by Studio Pim Top // render on planet by David Selander

Cosmic Light Chaser - table light sculpture

Only the sound of her own breath. She was alone in her little glass sphere floating into the nothingness of deep space. A thumb thick of the hardest glass protecting her from the vacuum, the cold and darkness of the Boötes-Void almost 700 lightyears from earth. Exactly 250 years after astronaut John Glenn mentioned light sticks floating around just outside his space capsule 200 kilometers above the surface of the North Pacific Ocean, Judy saw a glimpse of light in the corner of her eye. She would soon discover the majestic playful pink creatures of the Great No-thing. Chasing light in the darkest place of the universe…

edition: 222
year: 2022
dimensions: w 18 x d 17 x h 32 cm (dimensions are taken without light tube of 30cm)
weight: ca. 2,6kg
material: sand (printed), resin binder,  light pink coating (matte), dimmable LED light (satinated glass) included

signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
custom wooden art crate

limited in stock, otherwise lead time ca. 8-10 weeks
worldwide shipping

€1.222,- (incl. 21% VAT, excl. shipping)

for inquiries ︎ write us ︎

this light sculpture is currently only available as wired for usage within EU countries only (230V) in accordance with European regulations

this light sculpture is NOT a toy but a collector’s item for adults, only for use from 15 years of age or older

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