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Supertoys Supertoys and IYOUTH Studio introduce an ashtray reflecting a common New Year's resolution

Supertoys Supertoys and IYouth Studio introduce a cute ashtray in glazed white porcelain called 'Please Don't Smoke, Put M&M's Instead', embodying a familiar New Year's resolution.

In their renowned whimsical style, the Rotterdam-based art duo replaces cigarettes with colorful M&M's, creating a symbolic representation for positive change. At its center lies Spaceboy, Supertoys Supertoys’ signature character strategically concealing all cigarette slots, seamlessly blending into the ashtray’s chubby design and making a cute visual statement.

Utilizing M&M's as a colorful replacement for cigarettes, the artists acknowledge smokers' tendency to seek alternatives such as candies to ease cravings and reduce dependency. Supertoys Supertoys' ashtray embraces this notion by utilizing candy treats as comforting substitutes, supporting people in fulfilling a common New Year's resolution: to quit smoking. This artwork harmoniously aligns with Supertoys Supertoys’ fundamental philosophy of ‘Radical Cuteness’, serving as the cornerstone of their artistic vision.

The concept of 'Radical Cuteness’, coined by the artist duo, infuses everyday life with imagination, evoking nostalgic daydreams tinged with both joy and sweet melancholy. This approach serves as a response to modern life's hardships, offering a whimsical escape and empowering individuals to craft realms beyond their current reality. By incorporating cute and playful designs reminiscent of childhood, the duo taps into our shared memories, aiming to foster unity and bridging cultural divides through feelings of shared nostalgia and joy.

“Please Don't Smoke, Put M&M's Instead” - ashtray has a diameter of ca. 16cm and comes packaged in an illustrated carton box. Each handmade piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by the artists. For those looking to purchase, please inquire at IYouth Studio or Supertoys Supertoys.

edition: open, numbered
first release: 2023 
dimensions: diameter ca. 16cm
material: porcelain, glazed
finish: white, glossy

- each piece has an engraved SuSu signature & year of production
- certificate of authenticity signed and numbered by the artists
- includes cute illustrated carton box

available via IYOUTH Studio (Shanghai)
limited in stock at SuSu (Rotterdam)
worldwide shipping

€190,- (incl. 21% VAT, excl. shipping)

for inquiries ︎ write us ︎

- each piece is carefully handmade and turns out slightly differently

- packaging is for protection only. Damages on the packaging box surface (inside or outside) caused by delivery are not included eligible for exchange or return

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