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Rotterdam, Netherlands, April 28, 2024 - Supertoys Supertoys unveiled their latest creation, Flowie®, at the 2024 Salone del Mobile in collaboration with Gufram. With the design of this flower-like seat, Supertoys Supertoys not only aligns itself with the lineage of radical designers from the mid-sixties but also with contemporary renowned artists and designers such as Studio Job, Snarkitecture, Paul Smith, and Soft Baroque, marking a significant step forward in their creative journey.

Flowie®, a soft polyurethane seat, embodies the legacy of Gufram’s radical creativity. It serves as an ode to 'daydreaming' and aligns with the concept of Radical Cuteness, a term coined by Supertoys Supertoys. This concept denotes an art form that employs playful aesthetics and hybrid, ambiguous forms to subvert traditional norms in design and art. It stems from a broader tradition of subversive and playful design. By tapping into childhood memories, Supertoys Supertoys creates works that resonate with people's innermost aspects. They extend this approach to everyday objects, making them accessible to all.

Flowie® serves as a companion object, a furnishing complement that becomes a genuine inhabitant of the home, an accessory seamlessly fitting into any style, whether as a standalone piece or a collectible item in its various soft and delicate tones.

Available in 3 colours - Sweet Pink, Sunny Peach and Smooth Pearl – Flowie® consists of a semi-spherical base with comforting curved lines supporting the corolla of a stylized flower. It is a pouf that aligns with Gufram's great icons, domestic sculptures bringing a reinterpreted nature into homes following a philosophy of design beyond conventions, representing the contemporary strength of radical design as a bearer of freedom and creativity.

Designed to captivate attention, this flower-like creature transcends rigid functionalism, skill-fully harmonising its practical utility as a seat with the addition of a whimsical magic fuelling the flights of dreamers' imaginations. This pouf is a delightful and stimulating piece in any space, challenging the status quo of the serious and often monotonous world of interior design.

"Flowie® serves as a gentle reminder to take a break, to occasionally gaze at the clouds, tracing familiar shapes, while embracing the idea that deep down, we are all magical, we are all dreamers" state Supertoys Supertoys.

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