photography by Studio Pim Top

This is Not a Fruit Bowl :-) - porcelain edition 

News came in that the research department was closed with immediate effect. The prototype of the space portal was still standing in the middle of the large oval conference table reflecting in the highly polished rosewood, left alone. In his 25 years span from his first internship up until David made it as lead engineer of NASA’s space portal research department, they never managed to make the prototype work. The researchers just used the object as a fruit bowl. And as David left the empty room with a final glance over his shoulder he could not suppress a feeling of wonder. “It does look like a fruit bowl...” David thought. He was the only one who noticed all the fruit had gone…

dimensions: w 34 x d 34 x h 18 cm
material: porcelain
colors: white + lavender purple
handmade in the Netherlands

custom wooden box

temporarily sold out

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