Who Controls Time? - wall clock

People are often amazed at how much they remember from days that seemed to last forever in their childhood. Endless summers filled with endless possibilities for adventure and fun. Time goes slower when you are a kid and it seems to go faster the older you get. With their first wall-hung clock Supertoys Supertoys ask us “Who Controls Time?”. The art-duo imagines two flower dragons high up in the clouds controlling the flow of time, one controlling the passing of time forward, while the other controls the passing of time backward. It is in this balance or yin yang energy where we perceive the speed of time and where we, like children, can decide how it should flow.

edition: 12 + 3 AP
year: 2023
dimensions:  w 34 x d 11 x h 58 cm
weight: ca. 8kg
material: sand (printed), resin binder,  light mint green coating with a subtle metallic effect, matte

signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
custom wooden art crate

price on request

limited in stock, otherwise lead time ca. 6-10 weeks
worldwide shipping

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